Why Men Should Never Date Older Women

Never Date an Older Woman

One thing I’m seeing crop up again and again lately in dating is older women. This is a piggy-back post off my recent article on Why Men Should NEVER date single women.

I’m a pretty attractive, successful, articulate guy – literally the whole package. The way things were in High School and College (and then especially considering my worldly success) I NEVER could have imagined the massive sea-change we’ve seen in dating over the last decade. At the beginning of my last relationship Tinder and hookup apps/culture didn’t exist (instagram was also NOT around).

Then I left that relationship and found the dating market to be absolutely, mindbogglingly, upside down. Between the aforementioned apps, the addition of “sex-positive” culture, sex workers being “normalized” – IE whores/hookers/porn stars – the world is quickly turning to hell.

This last week alone I was approached by 3 different women on dating sites looking to exchange money for sex (actual sex, not just pictures – which is another horrifying phenomenon).

When I was younger (I’m still a young man at 38) but at 18 – it was absolutely horrendous to be a “single mother” let alone a single woman more generally after the age of 30. I know this because I was one of the few children growing up that didn’t have both of my parents – and my mom was single from around 29 – 55 with one serious partner in that time.

In fact, if you go back and watch movies from the late 80s and early 90s, it’s pretty clear there’s a motif of the “single woman in her 30’s” as wild, raunchy, rough around the edges and sex-crazed. But, always off in the periphery. I recently rewatched Kindergarten Cop for example, a classic – and the idea that there would be a handsome in shape man in his 30s/40s – was once (as recently as 20-30 years ago) both VERY strange, and VERY sought after. It was actually difficult to some extent, to be a bachelor back in the day – as it was clearly programmed as “bad” – take playboys infamous Hugh Hefner.

In these films, there were only fugly women of that same age (generally masculine or with the aforementioned hypersexual negative traits) that were single – and, of course, the lead (Arnold Schwarzenegger) nails the hot young (27) single mom. Not the rich older spinster that was begging for his attention half way through the film.

Since the dawn of time it’s been known that:

  1. women are always more attractive, more fertile, and easier to get along with when younger (IE their 20s) and
  2. something had gone horribly wrong with the woman if there was no husband in the picture at 30

Now, there are always exceptions, but this isn’t about the exceptions – this is about the generalities – this is about the rule.

So as I’ve re-entered and explored the dating market over the last 5+ years, I must note some of the major changes I’ve seen (and actually have started getting used to – despite them being man made horrors beyond my wildest imaginations).

A quick digression prior to getting to the meat of this post – I find it fascinating after putting in over 20 years of being an entrepreneur, working days, nights, weekends grinding and gaining the actual success I once visualized all those years ago (including losing two women that I thought would be my wife to a society and cultural programming that said they could do better) that after all of this time – I come out the other side, more attractive, more stable, capable and POWERFUL than ever – only to see the coastline of human sexual relations laid COMPLETELY to waste.

It’s like a bomb has gone off these last couple of years. I have YEARS of journals for my future sons and daughters preparing them for life – and my daily struggles so they could eventually get to know their father after I pass on a deeper level than just “their father.” But I’ve re-entered the 21st century unsure of that possibility. And the white cultures that maintain strict gender roles are rapidly being destroyed. I find myself at a crossroads between trying to save my country and countryman and starting a family. I hope I can achieve both. I spotted this rift nearly 20 years ago – when a friend was getting married at the same time my bride to be inexplicably ended a great 4 year relationship to sleep with a drummer for no logical reason. I have come to terms with it – it helped fuel my drive over the last quarter century, but I believe some of it was in vein. For if our WOMEN are not behaving as they should, as they MUST, in order to keep reality churning – then we will all be eliminated from this realm. And here I’m speaking to whites in particular – as it’s clear white women are under intense programming, and whites overall are being genocided throughout the world.

Top Reasons NEVER to Date an Older Woman

As a young man all you want is the company of a woman. You want intimacy, good feelings, touch, love, someone to share those quiet moments alone with, someone to do cute stuff with – your heart and your loins yearn for the company of a beautiful woman – YOUR beautiful woman or girl. But, as you grow older you realize that these, although important, aren’t THE MOST important thing – especially in crafting a successful long term relationship. The #1 thing for men in relationships is simply RESPECT.

Reason #1 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – Respect – She Will NEVER Respect You

As I mentioned in my article on single mothers – one of our top priorities as a man is respect… Does she listen to you? Does she respect your decisions as a leader of the household? Will she adjust herself, her attitude, or behavior, when need be or does she actively disrespect you (particularly in public or while out with friends – hers or yours)?

If she respects you great. If not, there’s trouble in paradise, and it will probably only GROW over time.

Here’s the thing with OLDER women – and by older I mean, literally ANY scenario where a woman is older than her man (slightly or, especially MUCH older) – they will NEVER respect a younger man. They will tolerate you. It’s the sad truth. Ironically they should probably think logically about the scenario and ask themselves – is he more experienced? Done more? More responsible? More capable? Etc. etc. but in my and other friends’ experience that just isn’t the case. Because you are YOUNGER you are therefore LESS THAN by default. No amount of logic will change this in their lizard brains.

Reason #2 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – War Torn and Traumatized

Senior beautiful woman wearing elegant shirt standing over isolated blue background skeptic and nervous, disapproving expression on face with crossed arms. Negative person.

No man should ever be his woman’s therapist – I learned this too late in life, but it was a hard fought lesson I’m glad I finally came to in my thirties with the help of a network of men I call friends.

Women will bounce from relationship to relationship (or more recently) dick-to-dick without a whim or care in the world, in their 20s. Unfortunately by the time age sets in and “its time to settle down and find a man” this becomes a massive problem. I theorize it’s in part physical, part psychological, part spiritual, but women – as the physical manifestation of the feminine (the receivers – the chalice) – are LITERALLY DESIGNED to be entered. To be “seeded” or “bred” in the porn parlance which is not brought up here for vulgarity, but because these words are wholly appropriate in this context. From what I can tell they are vessels for energy. And with enough men they start to no longer contain any energy of their own and host a mix of competing and warring energies within their bodies that are constantly going to be at war with the outside world.

But in a simpler modern context – we’ve all met women with that 1000 cock stare. They lose their minds when they’ve had to many men inside them.

This alone might not be a problem, but unfortunately this continued self-abuse and debasement leads them to hate men generally. In nearly every culture throughout the history of mankind the current widespread worldwide hookup culture that exists would be thought of as hell on earth. Imagine what this is doing to young women’s psyches. And worst of all, it taints them to real intimacy down the road. How can you be intimate with someone when you’ve shared what us men find most sacred (your body) with dozens or hundreds of others? It’s simply not possible. And then, when confronted with this reality (that men are not interested in WHORES – we’re literally NOT in any way shape or form besides quick carnal pleasure) they’re destroyed. It’s one of the saddest things.

And, unlike men – who have the psyche’s – the SPIRIT – to take adversity and overcome it – women simply do NOT. For, if they are indeed forced to do this – to battle and overcome. They don’t grow and learn and become more open people – they instead turn inward and become angry creatures whom no one can compare themselves to. It’s one reason the best women were (generally) shielded from the realities of this world by their fathers, brothers and husbands. My whole family bonded around my grand mother when she was diagnosed with cancer (as was my grandfather). Rather than hit her with that traumatizing information for no reason, she lived out her days peacefully and was non the wiser.

Multiple relationships and dick literally leave women “shell shocked” with a form of PTSD that no man can crack. The older the woman – the more likely this is to be the case.

Reason #3 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – Every Man’s a Master But You

From their bosses, to their fathers – the leadership role of men – in the best cases – is still secure. I know many women in their 30s and 40s that are super sweet and compliant with their fathers. But neither they, nor their idiot TV show watching fathers have had any insight into their relationship plight – that “hey perhaps I should have prepared my daughter to be led by her future husband…”

Instead they continue lapping up the “daddy’s girl” attention until their death bed, while their daughters are left unwed, unhappy, and hocked up on white wine and benzos.

Similarly here, women will work hours and hours and hours, day in day out – for YEARS for men who are their bosses, managers or company owners – but never think for a second that “hey – maybe this is the same kind of thing my man at home wants.”

Again – it comes down to respect. You should be showing your husband, boyfriend, etc. the MOST respect of ANY MAN in the whole world. Communication is never an issue at work – so why do women struggle so hard with it at home? Has mammon become their real masters? Regardless the cognitive dissonance and massive DISRESPECT they’re showing by being mouthy, sassy, and rude in the quiet moments that should be filled with love and respect is just another sign of the topsy tervy nature of our current insane reality.

Reason #4 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They’re Old

Never before in human history has the nature of relationships between men and women been one of older women – younger men. Never. It doesn’t exist. For the sheer fact that – as women age they generally are attracted to men slightly older then them (they still want someone better then them even at 60), but also because men don’t find older women attractive.

Now, things are backwards – and there has been a ton of programming out there – but if most men were allowed to be honest (and this has been shown in multiple studies) we ALL know the hottest women are immediately following puberty through around 25. Then the wall sets in. And YES there definitely is a wall for women. Do some manage to escape it for a while? Yes. But most DO NOT. And the simple proof of this (as well as all kinds of other disgusting proxies for human behavior) is taking a look at the make up industry – which is $500 billion annually where as OIL is only $250 billion annually. Who woulda thunk? Now tell me we live in a “patriarchy” lol.

These women are OLD. They’re older than you, and can therefore never be as attractive as younger women. And this is the case for all of your life. Let’s say for example you’re 18-25 – generally speaking many women prefer older men (especially with the advent of social media and hookup apps). A 25 year old woman is going to be interested, innately in 25-40. But then something interesting seems to happen after women reach 30 – in our modern times. They start to consider sleeping with and having relationships with younger men.

Why? They’re wholly viewing men as accessories – and not real people. They realize that their own dwindling market value – will no longer be entertained by mature men in their 30s – that have been around the block, have had the illusion of sex and women lifted from their eyes – and won’t put up with bullshit. Literally, they won’t even have a conversation about what these men want. They’ll block, or if – in person – the topic comes up they’ll scream and yell and act like children (I’ve seen it many times).

Now, there still exists some potential for extreme pairings even at this age (ie a hot 32 year old with a man in his 40’s), but generally speaking that’s not what is happening. Instead women are selecting men outside of their true attractive range to sleep with – lamenting when no commitment happens (because men are generally cowards and won’t just tell women up front they’ll only be using them for sex – so they dangle the potential for a relationship as a means to get sex with these older women).

Now, can some older women be hot? Absolutely, but then you have the spiritual decision of whether to waste your own vitality and her time. Which is just being disingenuous.

Reason #5 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They’ll Treat You Like Teddy Bears

This is something I noticed after examining a relationship of some close friends – who were with much older women (15-20 years their senior) while in their late 20s and 30s as well as my own failed relationship with a woman who was slightly older than me. Did all of the above apply? Absolutely, but one of the biggest things I noticed – particularly in relationships where the woman is MUCH older – say 5 years or more…

Older women will never treat men like their savior, their rock, or their guide post in life. And as such they are literally ONLY good for entertainment. For doing stuff with (including sex). This is a huge detriment to young men who may think that they are entering into a conventional relationship, but the truth (as I came to experience, and in particular saw in my friends’ live) was that these women held these men back from maturing. Their development was completely arrested for these years of “meaningless fun.” Did they enjoy themselves? Sure. But ultimately, they were marshaling forth to seize responsibility, grow, earn more, or do the things befitting of a man. Instead they were stuck in this limbo state.

A young woman will push you. Push you to be better. To make more to support the family. To be your best – if for no other reason then internally you see and realize that her life is in your hands – as will be the lives of your children. These spiritual and metaphysical truths can not be summoned with an older woman. She has no need for them and they will never manifest.

Reason #6 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They’ve Had an Astounding Number of Partners

The truth is modern women are whores… there’s no getting around it. Women’s already unending sexual appetite (understood since antiquity) combined with the innovations of social media (you can now do things “behind closed doors” that would NOT be acceptable or possible just 15 years ago) has completely exploded the average woman’s body count. Literally I know UGLY & extremely FAT women that have slept with hundreds of men. I have yet to meet a woman who was in her 30s (or older) WITHOUT an enormous body count. Just today I was talking with a woman who at 37, has had 40+ partners (and she’s pretty “conservative).

I’ve been on countless dates with women (30+) that have rotations of men 3-5/week continually for years. They’re trying to fill their empty lives with these men – and the men are happy to have meaningless sex.

If this doesn’t just immediately repulse you, along with the knowledge that roughly 30% of women currently has an STD – perhaps the idea that each one of these partners injures her mind and soul and makes her harder and harder to deal with will.

Is there a place for forgiveness? A place for understanding and acceptance? Perhaps, but see all of the above – they’re still all true and usually these women will have an overwhelming amount of partners, but STILL not want to work or change for their new man/relationship (behave, act feminine, etc.).

Reason #7 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They Have Alpha Anchored Over and Over Again

The concept of Alpha Anchoring was fairly new to me – at least in definition. The idea is simple:

As a woman dates (or more specifically) has SEX with a man, she anchors to that man and his attributes. These can include:

  • Looks
  • Sexual Performance
  • Status
  • Experiences he was able to provide
  • Wealth
  • And more…

Here’s a quick story – in my late teens and early 20’s I fell madly in love with a girl in one of my classes. We dated for 4 years (with a small break in between). We were inseparable, moved in with one another – our own home. Her family was great, they absolutely adored me. My family loved her. We took trips all over the world. I was just starting my fast-growing business. But something wasn’t right. My girlfriend, after about 1.5 years started going back to the city she was from, alone, to hang with friends – refusing my company. Then we split temporarily (didn’t know it at the time, but she was sleeping with someone else). I worked on myself and became better and less concerned with her – and she came back after her fling fell apart. Being a young man, I was elated. Thoughts around how much that old BS saying is “if you let her go and she comes back, she really loves you” are angering me as I write this (more on this below). But, eventually I broke up with her as she became too much to deal with, drama, debt, family issues, personal problems – she just wasn’t worth it (and mind you I had planned to propose). At the very end – the last time I ever saw her – she told me verbatim…

You know I never really liked you. The whole time we were together, slept together – I was thinking about my ex and how much I’d rather be with him.

Her ex (whom I had met a music conference) was a roided out bear of a man. He was very intimidating (at the time) rough around the edges, and less successful/intelligent then myself. I never in a million years would have worried about him thinking I was his better in all but… abs? But lo and behold – here she was creaming for him all these years later. Why? He was hyper masculine and didn’t put up with shit from females – EVER. He was fine being alone, but was never alone as women loved this about him (among other things).

So back to alpha anchoring…

Basically anything that happens between a man and a woman you can think of it hierarchically. We as men know all about hierarchies, but I think most of us are a little naive when it comes to this and women.

The problem with alpha anchoring (or as some call it “alpha widows”) is that women – being emotional creatures… LITERALLY ANCHOR themselves to these men or more accurately the FEELINGS these attributes provided them. I can’t speak for every man, but in conversations in my men’s group and with friends I’m pretty confident that men can experience (on average) amazing things, but we’re willing to compromise as circumstance changes. As time moves on the sharp edges of youth are worn down slowly by the waves of time and heartbreak and simply put… things change.

One example of this – I can confidently say my second girlfriend was way hotter than my 3rd girlfriend. She adored me (at first) so I didn’t care.

Similarly I did REALLY cool amazing things with my college girlfriend (international trips, concerts, etc.) but had nothing remotely close to that with any of my other relationships. I didn’t give two shits.


Their brains seem to be wired to STICK permanently to these experiences and attributes related to the men they’re with (and I’d argue EVEN their personal experiences). IE if a woman is actively traveling, she’s not going to give two shits about you and a boring date – if it’s nothing as dopamine stimulating as a sky diving adventure in the alps. It’s one reason why women are opting out of dating or “can’t find a good man” as they actually aren’t looking for a partner, but a chemical hit.

Anyway, so women ANCHOR to the men that provide these things.

And, at least in my personal experience, this is 100% spot on. If you’re not the absolute BEST man a woman has been with, it’s almost immediately apparent. Here’s the rub:

As women get older the odds that they’ve slept with TONS of men EXPLODES. So the number of men (and the number of emotions and experiences) you’re competing with for her brain space is ASTRONOMICAL.

You are most likely NOT holding the top space in any dynamic.

Now, don’t get me wrong – are there exceptions? Sure. I actually do believe that many TRULY born again Christian women can overcome this brain rot and anchor to a new partner. But the hope of that (at least with modern women) is next to 0. And many “born again virgins” are full of shit.

Can’t provide her the private jet experience? You’re shit!

Refuse to court her like an 18 Year Old? You’re shit!

Don’t have a massive estate and multiple businesses? You’re shit!

And the funny thing is – THEY CANNOT SEE THEMSELVES. Sure, maybe they were cute (or even hot) at 20. But now they’re 40, saggy ugly tits and a huge, cottage cheese ass. Does that matter? Nope! They are designed NOT to ever have to deal with consequences. And sadly there’s an army of horny young bucks continually pumping up these aging fatties’ ego.

The idea of “if you let them go and they come back they really love you…” – If I could tell my old self something, or communicate something to younger males reading this it would be this line is a complete joke. The truth is it’s an unhealthy perspective on relationships and clearly mind magick implemented to essentially torment young men who have no self-worth or boundaries. First of all – why would they need to leave in the first place? For a career? For fun? To “find themselves”? No – in 25 years of dating, I’ve never met a woman who “found herself.” Even after decades of travel and sleeping around. Women ONLY EVER FIND THEMSELVES – when they’re locked down, to a man, and build a family. That’s it. Also, you have ZERO self-worth or BOUNDARIES, if you’re going to let your woman go, and just accept her when she comes back. The truth is – if she’s straying, it’s over and time to leave. This idea that women get to have their cake and eat it too – to go and sleep around, when they know they have a man that loves her waiting for them (that will openly accept them back despite these insanities) is just furthering the destruction of women, helping to feed their massive egos (and childish worldviews) and hurting families and society long-term.

One last note before I continue – this ex, is now extremely overweight and married a fat loser (she got to the end of her 20s and because she wanted children and wasn’t yet completely brainwashed as many women are – that they can have children up until 50), her baby maker was calling and she settled with the first loser that had an ok job. Pretty amazing.

Reason #8 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They’re Fat

Decided to go with a hot woman, instead of showing you what we all know is out there.

I’ve dated one woman who was slightly older than me (by 2 years). This was in my 20s. Thank god (at first at least) she was a smoke show.

However, most women these days are EXTREMELY unhealthy and obese. The average woman is roughly 50% over the sweet spot of their BMI, with modern women clocking in around 170lbs when they should be 120. According to a recent study, roughly 90% of women over 30 are severely overweight (25+ BMI) or obese (30+ BMI).

The weight epidemic in the U.S. and growing quickly throughout the entire world (primarily westernized nations) is very VERY sad. Now, I’ve struggled with my weight at times – in my early teens, and then again in my 30s when a major illness struck me. And so I can absolutely empathize with people that are overweight. Some of the best people I’ve met are overweight. However, the absolute best ones? Are always slender, thin, attractive, and fit.

A fit body is basically a pre-requisite for a fit mind. And this is getting us closer to the nature of our concepts of attraction and fit. At it’s most basic – fitness is a proxy for viability – for life. The reason people obese people are DISGUSTING – is because innately we know THEY ARE UNHEALTHY AND CLOSER TO DEATH. This applies to both sexes (although sub communicates that men are lazy when men are fat). If you are NOT fit, if you are FAT/OBESE you are not healthy, and therefore not able to live as long, rear children as successfully, as a woman who is fit. It’s that simple. It’s not about biases and misconceptions, it’s simply about – one thing looks better because it’s aligned with the continuation of life and child rearing – the other looks bad, because it signals death and destruction.

I do find it fascinating however, that as women have become MUCH MUCH MUCH fatter and have been manipulated through TV and Music and the Internet into believing it’s “okay to be fat” ala the body positivity movement (which the smartest most aware women are falling for) – men on the other hand, are being wholesale shamed and smashed to have the best bodies ever. In fact, men under 25 are being bombarded with all kinds of messages right now and they’re turning to steroid use (and worse) to maintain these unrealistic ideals. Hell, one major influencer who pushed this just died (and he wasn’t even 30) even Zyzz died before 30 10+ years ago… men are literally dying to meet these new ideals. And what’s FUNNIEST OF ALL – women NEVER cared about a man’s appearance in generations passed. Did it help? Sure. But big bulbous muscles were mostly a turn off before 2000. You can even look at the old footage of Arnold with young women. Many women loved his look, but it was almost strange, and turned off many (in part because of it’s newness).

Finally, another coincidental alignment when it comes to this – men ARE attracted to curves. So we, from what I can tell – our psyches are a bit more tolerant for fluff than women – in part because certain aesthetics sub-communicate fertility. Unfortunately, these have been hacked by the current regime and exploited into accepting literal whales that MIGHT be worth it if they weren’t super egotistical about “how perfect they are” – although we all know secretly they DON’T want to be fat and are completely ashamed with themselves. Everything’s a show in the 21st century.

Reason #9 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They Have INSANELY Inflated Egos

Women, particularly single, unwed, and childless women, seem wholly incapable of looking in the mirror and seeing themselves or looking at the date and realizing – “HOLY FUCK… I’m 45!”

Seriously… they have NO ABILITY TO REFLECT. Literally. None. I was just chatting with a woman from a dating site, 45, sweet (sort of – until of course things got serious in our discussion). She revealed after 3 failed marriages (one of which ended in the death of her husband – never a good sign) – and at her heaviest and ugliest – she deserved the best man ever.

I have to blame men here (and actually in discussing things with the above woman – came to find out that indeed – the last simp she had married, was younger than her – and was simply desperate for intimacy himself – putting up with all kinds of nonsense behavior). These idol worshippers who continue to pedestalize women (in part because it’s the only behavior they will entertain in order to get access to sex). So it’s a shared dilemma.

Women clearly want STRONG men. But WOMEN CLEARLY WON’T EVEN HAVE CONVERSATIONS WITH STRONG MEN these days, ironically not the “macho” women – but the sweet women. And, as a woman gets older, the less she’s even going to allow that kind of masculine behavior to be in her vicinity.

But, back to women. There’s a phenomenon that continues throughout all nations where women are educated in mass – regardless of the curriculum. Birthrates get destroyed, very quickly below replacement rates (which is where we’re at today). Once they’re educated it seems – at least in part – they start building themselves into the men they want to be with.

It’s a phenomenon that’s very strange, unless you’ve had tons of experience with women – but the truth is women go their whole lives without ever concerning themselves with what a man wants or needs. There have simply been social standards in place that enforced certain ideas that kept both sexes in check (but primarily women). And there wasn’t any kind of massive, nation-wide or international media broadcasting to women the most degenerate female behavior or the most amazing, heroic men.

So they work on buying the home, buying the car – and they could give two shits if men have these things themselves – they’re merely a set point. They actually think you’re a loser if you don’t have multiple cars, cars that are worth $100K+ or a mansion. Literally. Their egos have been overwhelmed by former partners, former husbands, simps and pop culture and their own modest successes.

I just went on a date with a lovely (but SURPRISE – INSANELY OBESE woman in her mid 30s, who talked up and down about “her success”). When I went to pick her up – I saw, she in fact, had a tiny 2 bedroom condo, in a shitty part of town – with crackheads living underneath her. OKAY lol… right. And you’ve had a 6-figure job for the better part of a decade? “success” is relative and women have no idea how to actually measure it – for themselves or in the outside world, but they sure as shit will hold anything they’ve accomplished (not matter how meager) over the heads of their partners.

Reason #10 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They Will Not (Often CAN NOT) Give You Children

The mechanics of dating older women just doesn’t make practical sense. Here’s why – in my experience it’s going to take at least a year to really get to know a woman. If you’re a younger man – say 30, and dating a 35-year old. That means you’re realistically 31 and she’s 36 by the time you decide to “settle down” get married, and explore the idea of having children. There’s limited data on this, but it tends to hover around 3 years after marriage before having a first child – so that (in the example above) means that you’ll be 34, and she’ll be 39.

Women having children at 39 is not realistic. Geriatric pregnancy begins at 35 (ironically they just updated this terminology to “advanced maternal age” – you can literally see the programming in real time. This is being done so as not to hurt women’s feelings, to get away from the severity of the word “geriatric” which literally translates to “old age” – as it is FOR A WOMAN/MOTHER – undeniable. Either, throughout all of human history women having babies (especially their first) in their mid to late 30s or beyond was just a matter of oppression, or IN FACT, it was/is the normal, natural, healthy state of child birth.

Every couple I know that got pregnant later than the woman being early 30s, needed a significant amount of medical intervention to go through with the pregnancy. This meant nearly 6-figures spent on fertility assistance and also meant they ended up producing twins (or more) triplets, and quadruplets.

This just doesn’t make sense. At the very latest I would consider women in their late 20s if you’d like to have a family. That gives you time to build your relationship/marriage, and time to have a healthy pregnancy/birth. Anything else is a total losing gamble (wildly expensive, a huge gamble with the baby and mothers’ health).

Story Time – I frequent a local taco joint for lunch often. The owner, an attractive South American woman in her late 20s and I have had many chats about business and life. One day I pushed her about relationships/marriage… “do you want to get married, have kids, etc.?” I asked…

“Absolutely! But first, I want to get rich, run my businesses, then maybe I’ll settle down with a man and have kids.”

“Don’t you think you should be working on the latter now, and your businesses later? How old are you again?”

“Oh no… I’m not doing it anytime soon. At the earliest my late 30s or early 40s. Then I’ll find a man and build a family. Oh, and I’ve already got the pregnancy thing handled… I’m just going to freeze my eggs. That way we’ll be good down the road.”

“You do realize that the kind of man you can get today – because you’re young and beautiful is much higher than the man you can get later right? And the majority of the time freezing eggs fails. I don’t even date women over 30 just so you get an idea of what I’m talking about.”

At this point she became visibly angry and stormed off. She clearly didn’t like to hear that, and I do think it hit her on some level, that men weren’t going to be around (but in one ear out the other I’m sure). And – for all intents and purposes – this is a smart, business/worldly savvy woman. She believes these lies. Additionally, she clearly was very attractive at one point, but the stress of the business she runs has aged her rapidly and without makeup and certain clothes she is far less attractive than her thousands of male instagram followers believe. She is going to have a ROUGH time finding a man later in life. Her fantasy of simply finding a man, and getting pregnant, all the while her own ideas of what she requires is at an all time high, while her value to men is at an all time low is just NOT reality.

Despite being somewhat kind and service oriented (at least in the business) I’ve noticed she’s quite the little egotistical thing (have caught her in a number of lies as it relates to her “success”). And, I find it ironic I get about 1/2 the modern relationship (a cute girl to look at and make food on occasion) for $7.50 with none of the headache.

As Kevin Samuels would say – buy a dog and die alone. I’ve had this exact conversation with hundreds of women, mostly in a big brother/father type dynamic (nothing sexual or dating) and none of them listen… AT ALL.

Reason #11 Why Men Should NEVER Date Older Women – They’re Bitchy

Women are always bitches. They have to be – one of their primary directives is to constantly test you to see who/what you’re made of at any given moment to ensure that they are safe. We’re living in very “unsafe times” so those shit-tests are increasing, in frequency and severity.

But, older women bring this issue to a whole other level – in part because they are alone (and that is a very scary anxiety inducing thing for women) and in part because they have so much drama, emotional baggage, and have simply fucked too many men. Being around an older woman, in my experience – is like having your finger on a hair-trigger. You literally NEVER know when it’s going to go off, and the slightest provocation causes it to fire.

I run this test constantly. I joke about things with younger women. They are flirty, play with it and have an amazing time. Older women on the other hand are reminded of exs, past similar conversations, and are just tired and fed up – and unfortunately – I get it, but I’m not putting up with that kind of behavior in my women.

This literally just happened with a woman I was speaking to for research – and has happened multiple times over the last couple weeks. And really, this behavior is an extension to the idea that they don’t respect you, the idea that they’ve had a lot of partners (and are traumatized) and also evidence they DO NOT MATURE.

Simply put, the more partners, experience, life a woman has had – the more psychological and emotional triggers she develops over time. Often, and this has happened to me on a number of occasions – a woman will begin arguing with you, and you have no idea why (even on first dates). And, in reality, I’ve come to learn it’s simply something harmless, a word, phrase, circumstance, etc. that triggered her remembering a previous argument with an ex that was similar.

An example of this – a woman I took out on a few dates, and I were talking about appropriate dress and attire in general, and the differences between the generations. She was slightly older than me, and extremely “hot” – being a formal model. But she liked to dress provocatively (literally tits and nipples showing constantly on our few dates) and show her ass off on Instagram. We were approaching the subject of why this might be a problem, and I was making my perspective clearly known – calmly and fully.

She literally started yelling and screaming and got up and accused me of wanting her in a burka and promoting sharia law. “I work too hard for feminism”… blah blah blah. Fortunately, she was aware enough to realize she had embarrassed herself and calmed down. I fucked her brains out shortly after – and then took her home. Over the course of the next 6 months she would text me every week or two to try to get together.

The point of this story is – this has nothing to do with me, and something to do with some past situation. My guess – an ex put his foot down on that kind of behavior and she either obeyed his boundaries begrudgingly (angry it hurt her hypergamy) or she didn’t and it ended the relationship. Her explosion at a conversation that was completely calm and harmless one moment, and then she was literally screaming the next had nothing to do with me. And I never moved at all – just watching this and knowing – I’m not putting up with this shit in my life. Seriously men lead much easier lives later in life (we are psychologically far more capable of being “alone”) – especially if you have good male friends. A woman’s best friends are supposed to be her husband and her children. These women have nothing. But I don’t care if they’re going to act insane…


In conclusion older women are basically the worst of all worlds. They’re older, fatter, uglier (certainly at the very least than their younger selves), all while – most likely – providing you less as a man (less comfort, less care, less femininity, less do things – ie cook clean, etc., children, health, etc.). Things are TRULY backwards when you date an older woman.

Stay away!