A Conversation With an Elderly Orthodox Woman

I was chatting with a lovely 85 year old Orthodox woman yesterday – Marge. We were discussing sexual social dynamics after I had asked her opinion of “the world” in the context of men and women, dating, marriage and divorce in the 21st Century. She had just watched the Andrew Tate & Tucker Carlson interview.

Before I get to the meat of the post she said about Tate… “I love his message. I love that he seems to be promoting a positive and healthy worldview for males and is unabashedly masculine.” She then went on to say (Her exact words)… “he’s extremely masculine and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about it and will change for no one.”

His message is very much inline with the St. Paisios brotherhood https://twitter.com/stpaisios a group that started locally, but has gone global helping men from all over the world. There are certainly SOME differences, but on the whole the message is very similar and men are responding.

Marge was born in the late 30s, went to William & Mary (oldest school in the country, and one of the most prestigious – so she’s clearly brilliant) was married in the early 60s, and went on to have a number of children and subsequently grand children. She’s worked in corporate, owned a number of businesses – and currently spends her time between church and running a small remodeling business (buying and flipping property). At church she is currently coaching a number of girls & young women in church from 5-35+.

Here’s What We Discussed:

I’m paraphrasing the first part of the discussion – She said women think much differently than men. It’s our (women’s) nature. Men are more direct and less empathetic – as they must be. Women, generally, can only think personally and do untold permutations about every little thing – mostly for no good reason and they have very little or no logic at all. She said she finds the current younger dating dynamic very alarming (notably young women having so many partners and has seen first hand women’s inability to connect or engage in intimacy after only a few partners).

Some interesting things she pointed out about the sexes that seemed odd at first:

“Men don’t care about their appearance. And they shouldn’t. And women don’t care about men’s appearance.”

When probed she was referring to how things used to be in her time. A woman wasn’t concerned with the attractiveness, dress, etc. of her potential mate – except perhaps his face. She was mostly concerned with his intellect, ability to earn, to keep her safe and provide a good home. When I explained that that had completely changed (I’ll add to this below) she noted…

“You know, it wasn’t until around the 1990s – 2000s that ANY woman I had ever met commented on a man’s physical appearance (besides – ‘he’s handsome’), but now – even in old age, women seem to be commenting on everything from abs to ‘tushes.’ It is very concerning how sexualized the whole culture has become, particularly women. Take the homosexuals – what kind of human must you be to use your own sexual acts as the basis for your personality? Makes no sense and is very animal like. These young women having dozens of partners is completely animal like.”

Mind you none of this was said with any anger or vitriol, only love and compassion. At this point she pronounced:

“And the trouble is, all of these materialists and atheists have no concept of the “spirit” of the other dimension to life, so it must be very hard for them to see or even to understand.”

She then went on to explain some of her coaching exclaiming…

“These women don’t listen at all. I can tell them the simplest truths and provide numerous examples of direct evidence, but, every time I try to tell them something, they argue about some small exception they’ve had in their personal life.”

I laughed as a feminist axiom I’ve coined is “when confronted with advice or information that is uncomfortable, women will ignore it – citing a personal experience that it conflicts with and refuse to see the larger picture.”

That was it. We went on to see the Sound of Freedom at the local theater. It was the best date I’ve had in 6 years!