The #1 Thing Men Want in a Woman


I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of conversations with both men and women about dating and relationships. It’s been a bit of an obsession for my adult life. I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the opposite sex and how they think, love, work, etc. I’ve been on a quest to understand.

In part this has been out of pure curiosity, in part selfish reasons, in part love.

Englishmen! they are planting images, they are performing ceremonies in your houses of worship which you find it impossible to understand. They are hidden from your eyes by a dark veil; it is the veil of a Pagan goddess; it is the veil of Isis.


Little did I know when I started this journey, I’d be walking along the edge of one of the greatest mysteries of this story we call life and one in which, as I’ve come to find, has been weaponized against everyone. But that is the topic for another post.

A Primer – Arrested Development

Before getting to the simple truth of what men want in a woman I want to point something out. I’m not talking about boys or young men here – of which there is an absolute tidal wave of – completely commensurate with the crushing number of women in their 30s and up who are single (either divorced, with children, or never married and without children). In fact, according to number of predictions by 2030 more than 50% of all women in the United States will be OVER 30, with no children and single.

We are clearly in the midst of a total spectrum dominance war… on all fronts, physical, monetary and most of all – spiritual. Never before in human history (sans perhaps Rome, which saw something similar happen with the use of the abortifacient Silphium – which literally went extinct due to overuse). For a bit more details on this you can check out this blog on my detailed breakdown of abortion. Obviously with our modern, connected, technified, digital infrastructure certain (somewhat) natural forces are spreading faster, and who’s consequences are much more dire.

The birth rates of all modern civilizations are plummeting. As someone recently pointed out – the reward for giving women the right to vote and education, seems to be a wholesale genocide of modernity as these same women refuse to submit to husbands, marry, and bare children.

God (or perhaps the Devil) has a funny sense of humor…

The very thing men are supposed to protect – THE CIVILIZATION (and the supposed reason for our right to vote – selective service and going to battle) is the very thing that gets nuked by giving women those same rights. It’s humanities true suicide (not “climate change”). Although maybe, if you look at climate change metaphorically you’ll get a better clue into what is going on overall.

It’s clear that through these culmination of factors, our development is being arrested. We are constantly being bombarded with messages and temptations around remaining as you are (or worse) sinking further into childhood. This is a war against maturity and it is very subtle and insidious.

In fact, almost all of the current intellectual, ideological battles would appear foolish to anyone from 150 years ago. Hell, it IS foolish to anyone who was in the 40s, 50s, or 60s. Unfortunately, the nature of man and Odin’s fear for Munnin means that we (humans) as a people/multiple species can both deal with – & learn to accept over time – almost insurmountable changes and new realities. Pull someone out of the 80s and drop them in the 2020s and it would be nearly incomprehensible the insanity we’re currently dealing with, but that is, in part – due to the nature of time and the mind. And yet here we all are, wading in this vast and growing nothingness.

With this in mind, I speak not of boys, no matter their age. But I speak of men. Like Peter Pan’s decision to forgo his lost boys adventures and rejoin the real world with his Wendy, men are leaving never never land.

What is a Man?

This is a subject for another post – but Jesus Christ is the archetypal man. He bears his cross (does what is necessary). More esoterically he confronts chaos and orders it through action and word.

In a more modern parlance, men are generally fully matured – no matter there circumstance these days when they’ve been through a great deal of hardship (particularly romantic hardship, but also all kinds of life) and have achieved a modest level of physical success.

Again, this is massively abridged. But a 22 year old man – although virtually wholly physically mature, is still not yet a MAN. The romans believed life begins at 40. At 40 a man has been acted on enough by the world, and can understand how to ebb and flow with the currents, but also how to PUSH back.

The #1 Thing Men Want in a Woman

Alright, finally – WHAT is the #1 Thing Men Want in a Woman?

To make us look good. It’s that simple.

Andrew Tate mentioned this – I believe on the Fresh & Fit podcast, or maybe it was on Just Pearly Things. But men want you to make us look good. Here’s where that starts – respect. When you respect us – you make us look and feel great. Listen to what we say – we always have our (yours and our) collective best interests in mind (even if we can’t see every exact thing that might happen). We generally ALWAYS have a REASON for requesting the thing we’re requesting.

Similarly here we look great in front of friends, family, company, when you cook, clean or simply take care of social duties (ask our guests if they need anything, pay attention to empty glasses and refill them – just genuinely be a good human being). A buddy is marrying his woman for this reason alone.

Similarly, when out at work related functions – a man wants a woman that will make him look GOOD. Dress appropriately, act appropriately, have table manners, know how to eat – handle a conversation.

It’s that simple. But, most women these days both think they’re perfect (while simultaneously hating themselves) and refuse to do ANYTHING for their man.