Women Rating Themselves as 10’s

A strange hyper-modern norm it seems we’re just going to have to get used to is women rating themselves as a “10.”

I was presented this clip on YouTube and thought deeply on the matter:

So What’s Going On Here?

You have to understand these are women and those are just words (women’s primary domain of manipulation, and ultimately man’s dominion – logos).

YES the MAIN controllers of language are men. Yes, it may wax, wane and wander with the collective as language gets fucked with over time and throughout the ages, but ultimately meaning (the REALITY) with which words point can shine. With the power of the intellect – no matter the lower classes’ bastardization of language the meaning inherent within can be culled out – and the higher level principals can always be pointed out. No cap.

It is one of the priest-classes responsibility to coordinate this – the constant shrill bleating of the latest use of this verb or consonant, but steering it back to God, if even esoterically (so as not to be murdered by the stampeding hooves of troglodytes). And it is WOMEN that are predominantly to blame for the continued sway and movement and bastardization of language.

Don’t get me wrong…

I LOVE women, I love that they’re this perfect, beautiful counter to everything masculine. However, it seems things have gotten out of hand. One of those things – is women are (sort of) in control. Obviously, they’re not, but as a member of the lower class (99.9999999% of us are)… it’s clear systems and organizations have been put into power to allow for this strange, amazonian dynamic. And make no mistake women are getting BIG :D. 90% of women are severely overweight in the United States by the age of 30.

At the end of the day women can never fully be in control (unless there is some mystic collective of the most cunning and wise old women )- ala the Bene Gesserit from Dune. But even then, given the lower nature of women – I highly suspect there’s always a higher male pulling the strings and ensuring their “plans” are directed towards longer-term goals.

God, or whatever word you choose to associate with the thing that’s “ultimately in control and guiding this whole strange story” – has quite the sense of humor.

He put women in charge of procreation (both on the mate selection side, as well as the gestation side). But he left character development to men as well as the ability to sort through all of the details of this thing called life.

It’s clear, both on a higher and a lower perspective that women are, in fact, men’s inferiors in many ways (and now I’m speaking predominantly to males, as women won’t be able to understand or appreciate what I’m saying…)…

(inferior means “below” – not “terrible, unworth, unloved, etc.”)

Men have, individually and collectively:

  • Built civilizations
  • Virtually ALL – Inventors
  • Poets/Writers
  • Historical Figures

There is a LOT OF POWER in being a man, and being the disposable sex. For, what we may lack in sheer gifts (very little is gifted to men), we CAN overcome with love, grit, and will and BECOME or GAIN whatever we desire. And, in a strictly genetic sense – we are the sex with which the species of MAN has experimented with. Women, being precious and the ultimate womb bearers, have simply NOT evolved as much as men (who have faced MUCH harsher breeding, social, and spiritual pressures than their vaginal orificed counter-parts).

So, back to the video… what’s going on when this clearly very ugly Colt-45 is espousing her complete and total divinity as a 10?

Here’s what you have to realize about women…

They don’t ACTUALLY believe or even know what they’re saying. They seem to be generally guided by a spirit that’s not their own, but of the collective. As another guest that was recently on Fresh & Fit pointed out in a recent podcast… women just parrot what theyve been fed or heard. They are ULTIMATELY hypnotizeable above and beyond men. They have VERY little agency or ability to PROCESS the words with which they are consuming (directly or indiscriminately).

And those words are the very thing at stake. Words are the way with which we order the reality we are in – particularly with other people. But words, as women experience them are not, completely in “our shared reality” – IE they may be transmitted here, but ultimately they’re consumed within the confines of our mind.

And this is one of the big problems with women (they both hate and eventually destroy language and subsequently reality). 

What Does a Women Mean When She Says She’s a “10”?

First, I have to point out that in numerology there’s a concept that, metaphorically (and in this light it is clearly demonstrably true) that each of the numbers corresponds to various concepts in this reality. As one counts from 1-10 (with 10 being effectively a “reset”) they pass through 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. I will spare you the boring details of the various interpretations of each of the numbers, but the number 9 is generally associated with finalization, the end. And some unimaginable place between 9 and 10 (and 10 is really just 1 when you reduce it down – adding 1+0)… so effectively it’s resetting… or surpassing God (generally reserved for 11). But I find it ironic that 10 is either associated with God, reset or a new beginning).

So here’s what the 10 means from a female perspective:

  • The “10” means we’re all pretty and allows them to answer and not hurt anyone’s feelings. Because feelings are their reality. 
  • On a symbolic level they don’t give a fuck about their position in life, and massage ALL external forces (looks, language, symbols) to their advantage – to ensure breeding (even if ironically they’re NOT actually reproducing) so 10 it is…
  • It allows them to acquiesce the responsibility of reality, of holding other women accountable. It sub-communicates to every-woman “hey if we all say 10, there’s no ‘hierarchy'” that males can use to evaluate us and our value.

Funny-enough, despite this language being predominantly a way to protect the female sub-species and insulate it from the male gaze/hierarchy, in reality (which we’ll come back to) they’re hyper threatened by one another, hate one another, and think of themselves and anyone else they’re talking too hyper critically. 

This is women’s paradoxical existence … they simultaneous profess to love (and indeed do share some kind of parasitical female conscious collective) but at the same time, practically speaking – they literally hate other women (in part because they’re constantly in conflict with these women for the resources of the community via powerful men).

The one interesting phenomenon is that women’s egos are fed through ANY male attention – good or bad. But it’s completely superficial. It can be popped at any moment. This is also why they rebel against relationships, marriage and motherhood… It’s a rebellion both against maturity and innocence. To admit it is a man/men that controls their inner world and egos is a scary proposition, especially when culture at large is screaming it’s bad.