Dating in 2024

I was watching a YouTube video that was recommended for me this evening and I had the urge to share some tales over the last couple days that relate to dating and culture in 2024.

All of the stories I’ll be sharing happened in the last 48 hours. But before I get to those I have to point out something that was mentioned in the above video around 4:30. In the video at that point – a blonde woman points out that “good men” aren’t approaching women any more.

This is simply NOT true.

They’re NOT approaching her and women like her.

The blonde is clearly in her late 30s or 40s. These days it’s quite hard to tell. I’ve seen 20 year olds that look 50 and 50-year-olds that look 20, but some women you can just tell. I’ll spare the diatribe on cosmetics and plastic surgery. But the truth is men, as they approach their mid to late 30s and particularly beyond, are truly beginning life as MEN. The romans believed life begins at 40. I personally subscribe to this wholeheartedly, having been gifted the birth of a new version of myself that was forged through many trials and much pain.

Especially as a boy raised primarily by a single mother – navigating this culture has been difficult. But it was finally in my early to mid 30s that the fog began to lift, and now as I round out my 40s things are becoming much clearer. We have been under a tremendous amount of illusions (and for this reason I do still empathize with women as they too have been sold a bag of goods). I don’t know if the world is capable of realizing this or awakening from this despite our current “apocalypse,” but I’m trying to remain hopeful.

The world has been incredibly feminized. It’s a lack of rough and tumble play. It’s a lack of direct confrontation. It’s a lack of violence. And unfortunately this gets suppressed and what comes out the other side, manifesting in strange, sometimes seemingly unconnected ways subconsciously can be quite surprising and destructive (both personally and culturally).

In thinking about this very thing yesterday I realize it’s exactly why our culture is both hyper-sexualized, and yet literally under-sexed. Who has more sex? A 19th century farm wife who birthed 9 children? Or a modern 30s sterile city-slicking boss-babe? A brave new world is almost here.

And it’s this same pattern that will once again give birth to a tremendous amount of violence from those who choose to harness their sexual energy in a positive building capacity (the “right” or conservatives) vs. the left who generally waste this energy driving the world into further and further chaos. Neither is actually correct, both are out of balance currently.

Back to the blonde. What the blonde doesn’t realize is she’s just not attractive any more. She claims the following:

  1. Men aren’t hitting on women (especially good men)
  2. The men that hit on women are “bad, narcissists, creeps”

Men that hit on Women Are Bad, Narcissist or Creeps

Let’s take these in reverse. #2 is a RETARDED take. Her premise means, if she remains logically consistent, no matter what is happening in reality (IE the perfect man were to hit on her) she should dismiss them. Now, do I think that’s going to happen (she’ll remain true to some logical consistently viewpoint of life and these kinds of scenarios)? No… of course not. That’s not how women operate. But it does certainly make men even more frustrated hearing these kinds of things. Do you WANT to date or not you constantly conflicted idiot? If so, stfu and just weed out the idiots.

Expanding on her point here as well – “bad” and “narcissist” means – these men aren’t serious and just want sex. Yes, that’s what this woman is mostly good for.

I’ll come back to this when we address point #1 – but this is actually what’s going on and she doesn’t realize it. Finally “creeps” refers to the men women believe are lower than them. This is the primary problem and one which I’ll return to in my story below about my barber… women today have literally no sense of value. They believe, in part because of the nature of Christianity, that they are a pure soul deserving of the highest anything and everything no matter their looks, their age, their weight, their attitude, their ability, their work/effort. This is true spiritually. It IS NOT true materially/physically.

Men ARE IN FACT Hitting on Women… Just NOT YOU

Now on point 1 – men ARE in fact hitting on women. I hit on a few 19 and 20 year olds in the last couple weeks. One actually gave me her number without me prompting her.

We ARE NOT hitting on women we can’t see a future with.

And older women are not attractive to men in ANY capacity other than short term fun (and usually by 35+ the best of us have had our fill with that kind of thing so they’re just bundles of problems). We want a family, we need a woman who will take care of the home, not complain (be an actual good companion and not a cunt), and will give us children. Women 35+ can’t do that. Hell, even women 30+ really can’t do that (presupposing building a relationship – you’re already well into geriatric pregnancy territory).

Seriously, you think a 30+ year old woman is going to cook or clean for a new potential relationship? If you think this is the case you’re delusional. And if you question me DEMANDING this in my future wife/partner – you seriously don’t understand relationships, maturity, or sexual dynamics.

I make my own food, I take care of my property, I have a great career, I have a maid already. Other than recreational sex (on the material plane) or actually having children (which I wouldn’t do with a woman unwilling to serve – as she’ll be having to serve the children anyway) WHAT DO MODERN WOMEN BRING? Emotional issues. Baggage. A lifetime of poor choices. Large guts and shitty attitudes.

And, like I said, I empathize with women. They’ve been propagandized harder than men all these years. And, as I’ve written a number of times, they were raised in a society that allowed this direct propagandizing from every single facet of life – but their fathers and brothers allowed this to happen, and didn’t even think to care enough for them to sit them down and explain to them how things are and be a good example of a man for them with their own family’s and mothers.

Men, especially their fathers, have failed women.

Just this evening, I decided to have a late dinner at a local bar and restaurant. I sat outside alone. It was a clear night, 72 degrees. I ordered a water and turkey sandwich quickly and sat at my table reading. My waitress was clearly interested trying to chat me up multiple times and locking eyes for just a little too long, before having to divert her gaze out of embarrassment. She then laughed a little too hard at some of my jokes and quips. She was clearly interested.

I paid and left. 25 minutes start to finish.

Why didn’t I try to get her number? Because the ONLY reason I’d even consider doing that is because I’d use her as a human fleshlight and hurt her. I wasn’t slightly attracted to her. She was too tall (6′), she was too heavy (200+lbs), and she was too old (35+). She was VERY sweet and funny and I hope she is able to find someone. But I’m orders of magnitude out of her league.

What’s funny here is I realize a few things about this statement:

  • It comes off as egotistical
  • It presupposes that women’s value diminishes over time (which it does but no one admits – EVEN THOUGH HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS ARE SPENT ON THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY YOU FUCKING RETARDS)
  • It presupposes that a man’s value increases over time (which it does – as long as a man works hard and furthers his own lot in life – which I have done GREATLY)

But these last two items conflict with reality currently. Men aren’t getting women no matter their age (women in their 20s are not interested in relationships or marriage/children). And women 30+ DEFINITELY aren’t getting what they “think” they want – they think they want companionship, but this isn’t what they actually want/need.

Women aren’t settling in their prime years, and they’re especially not settling in their 30s+ (rather ironically). But by 30+ neither are men. We finally understand the game and in fact become MUCH better at it than women ever were.

It’s a case of pride and will. Women in their 20s are full of pride and refuse to (and in a way this makes sense as they’re still young and so propagandized) accept their responsibility of child rearing (clearly their biological duty). And men, later on like me are wholly unwilling to “settle” as well. I think it’s a much more reasonable position, as it’s not like I’m sleeping around, but have instead tried to actually find a wife and future mother for my children. But considering this is a high order I can’t settle or compromise on certain traits and looks is one of the big determining factors biologically (and indicates health).

My Barber

I have sexual chemistry with my barber. Don’t worry, she’s a blonde. She’s probably 5’4, 115lbs (insanely rare these days) and we’ve chatted multiple times about dating and relationships. Unfortunately she has a number of things against her…

  • Single mom
  • Former drug addict (and it’s pretty evident unless she’s wearing a lot of makeup)
  • She 35
  • In an extreme amount of debt
  • She lives at home with her mom
  • Her ex is a criminal and will perpetually be in her life because of her son

This is what I’ve been able to glean after 3 hair cuts and around an hour of chatting. Who knows how BAD it really is. But in my chair session this week she revealed to me (after I jokingly called her a whore and called her out for flirting with the old clients) that she’s finally “learning to be more discerning.”

“What do you mean?” I asked (I understood what she was getting at, but wanted her to fully clarify).

“Oh, I’ve just been through so much, I finally know what I want, what I need. What a man must be to be able to be in a relationship with me and for me to be able to tolerate him.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little backwards?”

“I don’t get what you mean.” She responded.

Now I didn’t go full red pill autistic retard on her and explain that in just the last 5 minutes she revealed a laundry list of red flags that virtually ensure she’s going to be single the rest of her life (IE that she’s in fact EXTREMELY low value in terms of a marriage/relationship partner). And honestly – again I can empathize. From her perspective she makes sense. From a biological or male perspective – it’s total and utter lunacy.

A literal single mother, former crack addict, riddled with debt, living in a room at her mothers’ house – is telling me she deserves not just a man, but a better man than she’s ever had. All being at an age that makes her almost completely worthless to a man.


But I get it. She didn’t know how to select quality males in her youth. And now you can see how utterly horrible men have failed women.

Now, to my final story.

The Obese Schizophrenic

Just moments before sitting down for my hair cut I was waiting in the lobby for my barber to clean up. Sitting next to me, was another barber I’ve used in the past. She’s 5’7″ 300 lbs, with multi-colored shaved hair. She’s actually quite sweet, clearly an alcoholic, and has admitted to being “slightly schizophrenic” and on multiple anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.

I don’t get my hair cut that often as I grow it out and slick it back.

The last time I saw her was maybe 6 months ago – when she had told me she was newly engaged.

I asked her if she had “set a date” as I slumped down next to her. Her face was red and puffy, and it was marked with deep zips.

“What?” she listlessly responded, staring off into the distance thinking about something else.

“Last time I was here you mentioned you had gotten engaged. How is that going?”

“Oh… that was a LONG time ago.”

She then went on to explain… her and her ex fiance split (not sure of the details, but it was explained as if it was a lifetime ago) and that she had had multiple partners since then. One partner (a one night stand) had actually “gotten me pregnant” – she was now 4 months along.

I didn’t say congrats. I asked about the father and whether they were going to stay together and take care of the little girl.

“No, he’s an asshole. Well I guess I’ll just figure things out. If she’s anything like I was as a teenager I’m so FUCKED,” she sighed.

I’ve never thought abortion might in fact, be a better fate for a baby than this moment. This woman is CLEARLY incapable of raising this child.

Ironically, she’s the 3rd woman in this barbershop with a similar story. One of which was advocating to the other young women to do this (have children out of wedlock) “because the government pays you…”

This is dating in 2024.

A sea of 30-40+ year olds who, at any other time in history, would be preparing to be grand mothers… having “want children, or even worse… ‘I don’t know yet'” on their online dating profiles.

A sea of women leaving good men and relationships “just because”…

One pattern I’ve noticed that continues… even after all these years of both trying to figure all of this out, and talking with thousands of women about these issues (although my style certainly has changed)… women have NO idea about men. It’s very weird.

Men at least project themselves into women, trying to empathize with them – in arguments, discussions, etc. I don’t think women view men in the same way. Another irony considering women are supposed to be the better sex at “feeling.”