The world is clearly not what it seems. 

The purpose of this site is to provide a centralized platform to communicate ideas, topics, news and speculation. Around 2015 after a series of unexpected events, it became clear to the creators of this site that things (life, news, history, science, virtually everything) was far different than most currently understand. Where as we are taught this life is boring and uninteresting, and many of us flee to meaningless entertainment, it is in fact full of wonder. Reality is truly stranger than fiction.

Or put more succinctly – fiction is often more real than reality. 

Plato’s Cave Allegory

Who Can You Trust?

Trust nothing you read or see (particularly online). Verify for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

Before the 2016 election it was sacrosanct to even consider questioning the main narratives and mainstream media. Sure, there were murmurs in the conservative communities (Tea Party) and other counter culture initiatives (Occupy Wall-street, 911 Truth) that things aren’t what they appear to be, but questioning the overall narrative of the world was left only to those at the absolute fringes, and even then the darkest, or maybe better put – most interesting – interpretations of world events was left to the normal actors (government, military industrial complex, bankers, etc.).

Since then the overton window has been stretched quite far, but the lessons to be learned are wider than one’s reflexive response might at first settle into. Mainstream “knowledge” and “truth” seems to be stretched and strained based primarily off the goals of those in charge, and only occasionally from the will of the people.

The tentacles of the machine reach far down into everyday life, so for that reason, trust nothing you read or see, verify for yourself and come to your own conclusions. It’s exhausting, but otherwise you let a thief into your house.

Our Promise

This should be meaningless based on the above section to the discerning eye, but it is still something the creators of this site wish to communicate. We will strive to research and report only the most honest and truthful information, taking time to seek out reports, studies, data and when possible – always present the original information alongside our posts. There are no agendas for us, with the exception of this – we think information should be free, we believe people can be better taught to think and reason and will assist those readers through our posts along the way.