Dan Bongino – US Gov. Spying on Citizens (Trump)

When paying attention to politics I’ve noticed the concept of narratives – what is being presented to us… (what is the story? what are they trying to communicate, to whom, and for what goal?) is a helpful way to understand what is going on. If you’re familiar with the vast majority of media you’ve probably heard of the Russia Scandal involving the Trump team allegedly receiving help from Russia in order to be elected. At this point the only real evidence is completely circumstantial (Russians bought Trump tower suites, and some Russians had some meetings with some members of the Trump team – which is very suspect) and none of it conclusive.

However there are a number of other narratives being presented from the other side – and ones that seem much more in line with reality (real evidence). There’s Hilary’s emails, the UraniumOne scandal, and of course Obama spying on the Trump campaign (before the election) and continuing after while he was President-Elect. This tweet was really the first thing in the public domain to set things off:

Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017

It’s funny now how lambasted Trump was when this was tweeted. People thought he was crazy (and was one of the first things used to show he was senile or suffering from dementia).

For the more (complete) story check out the presentation below from Dan Bongino who’s new book details what he calls the biggest scandal in U.S. political history. Clearly, this is unacceptable, but I have some more critiques after you watch the video:

Dan Bongino Trump Spygate Book Presentation where he admits the wholesale spying of every piece of data transmitted through the internet/phones.

Let’s dissect this a little bit…

A “Retired” Secret (Service) Agent

Don Bongino – So he’s an “ex” secret service agent? This gives me pause. He’s a member of a government agency, and as such – retired or not – I think it’s a little naive to think he’s completely divorced from the political or legal system. Hell, he retires after being a police officer and secret service agent to become a political researcher/podcaster? Seems a little suspicious. However, at the same time I will say the secret service seems to be one of the more upstanding agencies and hopefully in this world run by spies, he’s working for the right side.

When researching the role other agents have played (namely central intelligence agents) one does have to be suspect of anyone who previously was involved in any national agency.

Spying on Everyone (The Subtext)

In the discussion/presentation above, something very important is slipped in if you connect the dots. Bongino admits COMPLETELY that the NSA has a system whereby they can pull up data on anyone (texts, phone calls, one has to assume browsing history, searches, etc.) but hey we normally have protections for pulling things up without due process (for cases when it’s “terrorism”). This is one of the biggest reveals (he mentions literally texts – IE THE NSA has all of our texts).

Now, this might not be a big reveal if you paid attention to Snowden, but the official stance has always been “only metadata.” Unfortunately we know that’s not true, and if you research the history of all of this technology, the beginnings are completely in line with the most nefarious of uses. Back to Bongino and his use of terror as a justification for spying:

The war on terror is a complete farce, and it’s completely revealed in a study of history and digging a little deeper into the modern political landscape that all of these “terrorist entities” are manufactured by the west in order to further large international goals. I find anyone that uses this as an argument are typically a part of the establishment (similar to how bankers are so concerned with the common man laundering money in the cases of crypto-currencies and day-to-day cash transactions, when time and again it’s found that banks are the largest money laundering entities). More misdirection… “don’t look at us, look at the big bad guys out there.”

I don’t mean to go off on too much of a tangent (and perhaps I’ll feature this in another post) but here are few examples of the fake war on terror:

We trained and supplied weapons to Al Qaeda during the Soviet Afghan war. This is supposedly debunked by Wikipedia and mainstream journalists/historians like Steve Coll however, one needs only look at the following picture to realize how much bullshit is out there…

That’s Zbigniew Brzezinski showing Osama Bin Laden how to use a rifle. Who was Brzenzinksi? Only one of the most powerful and high level policy and international political advisers to many administrations over the 20th century:

Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was a Polish-American diplomat and political scientist. He served as a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and was President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981. Wikipedia

On Operation Gladio

We even observe how willingly the world public traveling through American airports surrender themselves to grotesque indignities in physical searches to keep them safe from Ali Baba. The only truly global superpower in the history of earth’s civilizations, which Zbigniew Brzezinski in his 1996 Mein Kampf, The Grand Chessboard – American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, characterized as: “America is not only the first, as well as the only, truly global superpower, but it is also likely to be the very last.” (pg. 209), has been reduced to a police-state with virtually its own public’s consent.

Guess who Zbig’s daughter is?

There’s much more, if you look into 9/11, the Iraq war, how the fall of Gaddafi conveniently opened Africa to the mass immigration (among other helpful outcomes) that is currently plaguing most of Europe, as well as the more recent “ISIS.” ISIS sure is an interesting name isn’t it? 🙂

Back to Dan:

These People Are (Sick) Stupid

Dan calls all of the people involved in this “stupid.” None of these people are stupid… they are some of the most well-educated, spies-from-the-day-they-were-born, intelligence agents, politicians, etc. they are far from stupid. I doubt it was simple stupidity that caused this to happen. If I had to bet, they were protected through their network (and other tools), but then someone on high changed all that – I do believe they never thought this would see the light of day (although to be clear, I’m not saying this is coming to light out of some honest disclosure) – this is another narrative remember?

Whistle Blowers

Whistle blowers time and again have found to either be agents furthering an agenda during times of infighting, or are completely destroyed/killed (see “Chelsea Manning” – can’t be having those kids seeing what honor and duty really look like… let’s brainwash him into a tranny and turn this negative into a positive – or is that positive into a negative).

The NSA agent that went whistle blower also doesn’t make sense to me here… it seems like many high profile people that really do go rogue end up dead instead this guy is not only able to spot it, he’s able to communicate it to opposition (incoming Trump team), and he only gets asked to step down? With the centralization of the internet and the very spying Bongino himself confirms in his talk it’s pretty fishy to me that this wasn’t flagged/noticed.

Also another famous NSA whistle-blower (William Binney) is clearly a plant (to show us there are good people at the top I imagine). How do I know? He denies anything fishy happened during 9/11 and sticks to the mainstream script, despite even a modicum of research showing the simplest of us that there was much more going on. Everyone knows this.

Attorney Client Privilege is a Myth

It’s not, but recent events would have you believe it is… can’t quite figure this one out right now, but perhaps it’s another part to the narrative.

Dan’s mention of Cohen (Trumps attorney) is also suspicious (in my own analysis) I’ve been wondering for sometime how his office could be raided (securing for the FBI all of his records and client records) – this is an absolute and complete violation of attorney client privilege and just didn’t ring true.

Trump Wasn’t Supposed to Win

Around 20:00 in he also mentions a few other things – “no one, and you can take it to the bank… expected Trump to win.” I predicted trump would win, he got many votes (probably more than was disclosed) and easily defeated everyone at each of his debates (because he didn’t play by the old rules).

Hell, he’s been testing the waters to run for nearly 20 years, and it’s been predicted in countless movies and TV shows – definitely another post!

I definitely see this as another narrative point… Hilary was evil, and Trump wasn’t supposed to win. I think Trump did a few crazy things to actually make it seem contested and wouldn’t doubt he won the country in a landslide. Many people I NEVER would have thought would have voted for him did, and it’s clear there’s widespread voting fraud (from the people to the machines to the election offices).

One big reason this was clear (Trump was the president elect – even before the election)… the Al Smith charity dinner where he and Hillary both ribbed each other. For years I’ve been troubled by this event.

After watching this more times than I probably should I’ve come to the conclusion this is the old guard being told they’re out, and the new guard stepping in. Again, maybe I’ll do a bigger analysis in another post, but I will say after re-watching all of the debates, it’s clear Trump absolutely DESTROYED everyone, from his confidence, to the things he was allowed to say (it’s clear he wasn’t restrained by the same rules these politicians have been and they couldn’t compete).


26:30 – He mentions the uranium one deal and how this (in a way) is part of the whole debacle (same people covering up their misdeeds). Interesting though that a subtext is thrown in painting both Iran and Russia in a poor light (again). And actually that brings me back to another manufactured coup (Iran) and the seeds of false terrorism. As we know from General Wesley Clark there’s been longstanding plans to foment war in Iran.

(A word of caution on this, I would take what the General says with a grain of salt – particularly about Oil, etc. – there’s been longstanding plans to destabilize the Middle East not for Oil, but for other reasons – migration, land grabs, etc. – not that that didn’t play a role, but I highly doubt it was the only reason and this “righteous” admission is usually misdirection from the rest of the truth). 

Solution? Move to the RIGHT!!!! (Yea Right)

At the very end he talks about the best way to change the media is to force places to get more conservatives. And this reminds me of the constant berating of liberals (which is not necessarily undeserved – they just need to learn more and experience more) but it continues to play into the politics of division that has been setup. Anyone capable of compiling such an in depth and well articulated analysis of this scenario (spying) is clearly capable of seeing past the fake left/right divide in the country (and it both ignores why/how it came to be – those in power, history, big business, etc. and furthers its aims by concluding and presenting a solution that involves more division).

To understand this you may have to read Tragedy and  Hope by Carol Quigley (famous Georgetown professor and self-professed mentor of Bill Clinton), where he spells out that the parties were created (or at least co-opted) for essentially this purpose (to play off one another) and that in particular the executive branch (specifically the President) is generally just a puppet controlled from powers behind the scenes.

When looked at in this light, the narrative becomes more clear. Who benefits? The system as a whole, the Trump administration. It continues to inflame tensions between right and left, and when justice is fully served (or maybe just marketed) – it will absolutely demoralize the left, and inflame the right, furthering the “we are right” rhetoric. It’s not that they weren’t right – it’s about looking at this as a tool to further certain goals.