The Hall of the King

The Restoration of Virtues is perhaps the highest honor one can give to Adonai Echad. The singular God of Honor: Hashem. A central point of focus among the vast and endless amount of Gods and Idols alike that demand to be worshipped, yet cannot return the favor in either Love or Respect. This is why a Social Contract exists.

Actual contracts are codified measurements of Social Engagement with one another and with those that maintain the Law of the Land. They have the greatest burden, Chosen in this most sacred task: to protect that which makes a society, special, unique, especially in times where multiple Gods cause mankind to become a flood lukewarm gall. Or a multitude without flavor or heat, even the cold cannot exist in such a tepid environment and stabile homogony.

Protecting the Orthodoxy and listening to it, are two different things entirely. All Governments must call themself a God to be worshipped, if not through Love, then through Fear and Obedience’ the idea of Tolerance is turned into a gag and a noose, as well as blinders so one does not see or tastes ones own crimes against humanity. This is the inherent danger of losing honor, or abstaining from sacrifice and every other virtue. One leaves the Great Hall of the King, where the elect can discuss how to rule in Love and Power, shared with the King whose very nature and Love hath provided the ultimate foundation, the temple; the altar of ones own heart.

Outside the Halls, the Queen of Chaos visits, visited, and is visiting, while yet to visit, and devours Her own children. Those who appeal to the King are always saved from total annihilation and darkness. To seek the Light of Truth, Love; Courage. The King represents all that sustains and keeps. The epitome of Sacrifice, the duty and honor of Service to His Eternal Majesty and Grace. The King of Kings whom all Kings both in power and in heart(grace)seek to mimic that eternal kingdom, even as the Chief Among Sinners. Even the smallest crime bears the greatest weight in each instance and deed\revelation. If the Law is Upheld, then life and and abundance are yours, if the Law is abandoned, then Chaos and Ruin is all that a people shall become. When one Abandons the Law, one Abandons God. When the Lawmakers add on the original Law(s), by saying one cannot touch the tree of knowledge, instead of the original, one must not eat from the tree of knowledge.

One can build with knowledge, but to consume it, leads the banishment from the point of it all. To be in the light. Why is darkness assured the moment it was “eaten”? It was not at that moment that the doom appears, but in the mind and speech that does not understand fully, the reason for virtue. The darkness came from within. The spark comes from within as well, but the greater the Light, the greater the Darkness. That is why Kings exist; as the highest example of a man to become. Resisting Chaos is the only path to any kind of Salvation, especially in large groups.