An Analysis of Jordan Peterson’s “Talking to Muslims”

Here is the video in question:

I’ve been following for a very long time Jordan Peterson. I first discovered his videos via YouTube in 2015/2016 and was immediately drawn to his simple and in-depth analysis of the symbolism of modern media – drawing parallels between modern cartoons (as one example) and ongoing trends in history, religion, man. Clearly there are forces at work that – for the most part the average person doesn’t understand.

The point of this post is to provide my own personal commentary on this back and forth.

Colonialism & Slavery

One of the first things that really jumped out at me about this discussion was the points on “colonialism.” This has actually been on my mind as of late (with the Kanye West stuff happening in the Zeitgeist). The ironic thing about the current discussion about colonialism – both in this video, and in general in media is that WE (the INDIVIDUAL – regardless of one’s background) ARE BEING COLONIZED AND ENSLAVED MORE THAN ANY OTHER TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY. Ironically, this is being perpetrated by the same entities that have committed the most “atrocious” acts in human history.

Mohammed Hijab (and Jordan as well – as he agrees with Hijab) have a VERY limited understanding of colonialism and history, even of the religions they purport to support (Jordan in particular seems to side with Christians, but he clearly isn’t one).

Right now the world’s population (by way of the clearly orchestrated COVID project – as I’ve proven in countless ways on this website), is being colonized by the control mechanisms of “science” (which as a whole seems to be falling apart), as well as the “medical system” – which is pretty much unscathed despite the amount of information we have that it is a completely insane system. Secondarily the world is being “colonized” by way of the massive propaganda against the middle class (which looks a lot like the “richest” population to the very poor) as well as the control mechanisms that are being put in place to put in place a completely centralized digital banking system.

Although both can agree that – per the doctrine of Islam – one can not accept the responsibility of the actions of another, and per Jordan’s own words, “I don’t know how much of responsibility I need to bear for ancient colonialism.”


As one point to highlight the lack of knowledge from both parties (or willful omission) is the brief discussion on the nature of the Civil War as the “reason for the end of slavery in the United States.” This is a complete fallacy. We know from personal accounts that effectively the war was started and sold to the Southerner’s as a war for “northern aggression.” As time has gone on, and as I’ve learned more and thought about the actions of those involved – I’ve realized that it was a necessary evil of sorts – but ultimately it was perpetrated by the same enemies we have today – the families and institutions controlled and run out of the City of London.

For a more thorough historical breakdown of this I highly recommend the work of “Canadian Patriot ” Matt Ehret.

Understanding the history of the Civil War, one realizes that slavery was already ending (in part due to technology) and was looped in as a press/historical marker, but the real reason for the war involved many enemies of the United States stoking tension (as they are to this day) internally to try to destroy us from the inside out. One can look to the Jesuit/Catholic Churches involvement, and Lincoln’s own writings on why he choose “NOT” to communicate this to the public to keep the war from taking on a “religious” bent.

Ironically something almost exactly similar is happening to this day – with the current political climate stoking flames and differences between “red” and “blue” states – which will serve neither, and has more to do with the creation of an “american-conglomerate” state (amero – America, Canada, Mexico, South America).


Anyone who has studied the history of Islam knows it is an invention of the Catholic Church.

I actually have a lot of respect for muslims in terms of their beliefs as they actually BELIEVE. They align their actions with their dogma/Qoran, and they will not let their prophet and God to be disrespected. I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about Islam over the last couple of years and I actually think it might be (ultimately) more successful than Christianity. It is the fastest growing religion after-all.

The question is why? And how does this align with Christianity?

The reason is simple, and Muhammed outlines it – it puts the transcendental first – and from that, the other dogma aligns greatly with reality. Particularly when it comes to women. Women are clearly a massive problem in the West (arguably its largest issue). Additionally Islam is arguably the only religion that allows for (in any meaningful sense) “masculinity” – with those having been trampled completely by the West’s major religions – Science and The State.

(Here, clearly science and the state are clearly useful inventions and institutions, but people are now believing in them as some kind of “other” – outside of the normal materialistic world, and as such infallible – instead of the reality which is simply they are institutions as fallible as the men and women that make them up and control them.)

Islam and women – Islam is the only ideology I’ve seen that is being promoted (or is talked about) that has a solution to the problem of women. The problem of women I will highlight in other posts, but it is clearly one of the largest issues in the world overall, and left undealt with will destroy all of mankind.

My final thoughts on Islam are quite simple – and are behind the Magic behind Christianity and it’s revelations and the revelation of Jesus… it’s simply that Islam is symbolic of a God separate from man. Where as Christianity is symbolic of God as Man. Both are true. One speaks to the greater truth (Christianity), but is insanely personal, hard to comprehend, and requires unbelievable, almost UNLIVABLE amounts of personal responsibility. Islam on the other hand keeps the old model of man separate from his gods – in this case Allah.

It seems to me that actual revelation was corrupted thousands of years ago and those that corrupted it highlight its flaws through other ideologies in order to continue to sow tensions. Seems like the same old game.